FFI Variables

Norberto Manzanos nmanzanos at sion.com
Sun Apr 21 23:35:54 UTC 2002

Thanks Andreas, but I still don´t know what to do.

Supose this apicall
<apicall: long 'RecField' (char* long) module: 'xxxx.dll'>
It returns the size of the string. The second parameter is the maximum 
length for C to allocate the string. So I passed 32000. (or less, it 
doesn't matter).
So I make another call to the api function
<apicall: long 'RecField' (byte long) module: 'xxxx.dll'>
I have tested: using byte and void instead of char*. Passing the size of 
the string in the second parameter (the one the first function returned) or 
passing a greater number. But Squeak allways crash.
I`d  expect that the second call would return the string
Would you tell what is exactly the way to retrieve de string?
Thanks in advance.

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