[Q] Alice / Wonderland models and performance?

Stephan B. Wessels swessels at one.net
Mon Apr 22 01:26:24 UTC 2002


The latest update stream for Squeak 3.2gamma has "corrects" the Alice
support in Squeak and the newer model files read in just fine now.

I'm not familiar with enough of the 3D models that are available to know if
there a more human form.  So I cannot help too much with that part, but I
can tell you that having just completed a small project using a Wonderland
inside another morph window component works just fine.  The technique used,
as recommended by Andreas, was to build up the wonderland and them just save
it away.  I was able to fairly easily embed the wonderland camera morph just
like any other morph from that point on.

 - Steve

On 4/21/02 4:11 PM, "Brian T. Rice" <water at tunes.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm writing up a little simulator lately, and would like to have it
> representable and maybe controllable within a 3d interface. To that end,
> what's the most direct way to get a basic human form into Alice? I've
> been told that the original Alice project's file format has changed
> since the Squeak port, and I haven't used Squeak's 3D capabilities at
> all aside from toying with Squeak's single demo. My hope is that there's
> already one available, of course, that fits Squeak's input format. I
> don't need anything fancy, atm, just something with articulated limbs
> and such (the old-school method of rendering each part with a polyhedron
> comes to mind ;).
> Now, I've working on video game graphics engine design and optimization
> before, even for model formats, and a cursory look at Alice and
> Wonderland indicates that it does all of its scene-culling using
> polygon-analysis alone, instead of including logic for, say, convex
> hulls and their analyses. This suggests that it doesn't really scale
> well unless I layer some logic over it to avoid a scene-rendering where
> it has to sort millions of polygons for each frame. I'd like to include
> some good logic for convex hulls, but to be honest I don't know where to
> begin. What can you tell me?
> ~

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