Feedback on connector morphs

Ned Konz ned at
Mon Apr 22 23:06:50 UTC 2002

On Sunday 21 April 2002 01:03 pm, stephane ducasse (home) wrote:
> Hi ned,
> To resolve my problem for duplicating a group of morph and
> connectors I embedded them in a rectangle. I took my previous
> connected item and one by one embedded them into a rectangle
> surrounding them.
> This worked perfectly until the point I wanted to add a new
> connector between two morphs *already* embedded in the rectangle.
> Then the connector got crazy and I could not figure out how to
> place the red square so that the generalization points on one of my
> uml box. This was crazy to the point that I de-embedded all the
> morph from the rectangle and destroy the rectangle.

If you want to embed morphs and still use the connectors on them, 

* embed them in a PasteUpMorph, or

* use something that includes a PasteUpMorph, like one of my 
CompositeState or ScrolledCompositeState morphs. You can delete the 
tabs, change the color, etc., or

* make a new subclass of NCConnectorMorph that understands how to find 
targets differently. Right now the decision of what we can connect to 
is in 

NCConnectorMorph>>connectionTargetsAt: localPoint for: constraint

in which we look for a root morph in the innermost enclosing 
pasteupmorph. Or,

* make sure that your container returns false from

wantsAttachmentFromEnd: endIndex ofConnector: aConnector at: aPoint

BookMorphs, for instance, don't want to be connected to, and can be 
used as containers without worrying about connectors connecting to 

Ned Konz

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