[BUG] Problem with POPSocket

Ken Causey ken at ineffable.com
Tue Apr 23 15:36:53 UTC 2002

I'm working on a specialized MUA and have run into an interesting
problem.  First, the preliminaries:

VM: 3.2-4743 #1 [oss audio, xshm] (Debian Linux unstable)

Image: 3.2gamma-4827

My application creates a new POPSocket with

pop3Connection _ POPSocket new
		serverName: pop3ServerName;
		userName: username;
		password: password;
		addProgressObserver: Transcript

Nothing fancy.

This works fine.  Except the very first time after opening the image. 
In that situation this pop3Connection ends up with 'a
POPSocket[invalidSocketHandle]'.  If I cancel it and retry it, it works
just fine and every time thereafter.

Ken Causey

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