[BUG] Problem with POPSocket

Ken Causey ken at ineffable.com
Tue Apr 23 19:07:22 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 13:24, Tim Rowledge wrote:
> Ken Causey <ken at ineffable.com> is claimed by the authorities to have written:
> > P.S. I've got to wonder if this couldn't be handled at some relatively
> > low level in a handful of places and remove this bit of policy.  Surely
> > there are a small handful of code pieces that must be passed through
> > before any use of network can be made, such as Socket creation.
> >
> Socket creation probably isn't the place to do it - there must surely be
> situations where you need to create sockets but don't yet want to make
> any attempts at connection.

Then I'm confused.  My problem is that unless I do a Socket
initializeNetwork, then POPSocket new returns a socket with an
invalidSocketHandle, which is therefore unusable.


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