[BUG][VMMaker] VMMaker builds broken VM under Linux.

cg at cdegroot.com cg at cdegroot.com
Wed Apr 24 11:37:05 UTC 2002

In article <1019560228.24057.307.camel at tear.rococosoft.com> you write:
>I've tried many different combinations of images/plugins/etc, but the
>end result is invariably a useless VM.
I've been building and tweaking VM's without a problem this week:
- Squeak #4827
- SourceForge stuff via anonymouse CVS
- VMMaker-3-2-version-6.1.cs
If it builds, and you are using these sources, then by pure deduction your
environment must be gone. You say you didn't get any answers back, but I
recall someone mumbling about not using GCC 3.0. 

What is your environment? Distribution, compiler, shared library versions,

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