Problem with Socket under Linux...

Stephen Pair spair at
Wed Apr 24 14:18:49 UTC 2002

Sorry for jumping in at this late stage (my DSL was down since
Saturday).  But, I've also noticed this busy waiting. uses
keep-alive to allow multiple HTTP requests over the same socket.  We
wait one minute (I think) for the next http request on any given socket.
After that, we assume that no further requests are coming, and shut it
down.  During this minute, top shows that the process has the
CPU pegged at 99%.  After the minute is up, the CPU load drops back to a
nominal amount.  This of course is all happening during the
#waitForDataUntil:, which I assume is the same issue that Göran is

>From the thread, it sounds like the issue has been solved, no?  Maybe I
can extend the lifespan of my server if it is.  ;)

- Stephen 

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