[BUG][Q] Form saving and reloading

Yisrael Lowenstein gte356h at prism.gatech.edu
Wed Apr 24 16:11:52 UTC 2002

> The 2 gets written by DisplayObject>>writeOnFileNamed:, e.g.

what if you want to just save a Form file without converting it to a
dispay object?  shouldn't there be an easy way to do that? perhaps
something like:

writeFormFileNamed: fName  "Display writeFormFileNamed: 'display'"
	| fileName f |

	((fileName _ fName) asUppercase endsWith: '.FORM')
		ifFalse: [fileName _ fName , '.FORM'].

	f _ (FileStream newFileNamed: fileName) binary.

	"add this so that Form fromFileNamed: will recognize it"
	f nextPut: 2.

	"write it out"
	self writeOn: f.

	"close it"
	f close

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