[ANN] Wonderland tutorial in spanish

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Wed Apr 24 17:44:33 UTC 2002


>Nice tutorial!


>I wonder if it's possible to make the fish really swim around in their 

In the Nudi3D project in super swiki there is a really good "aquarium" with fishes swiming... anyway the tutorial is intented for beginners, so I prefer a "fool-swing-in-a-circle" easier to program.

> (can you tell where the "walls" of the fishtank are)?

ok, it's no a fish-tank but a really big ocean... :)

>Your description of 3d movement (as understood by my poor Spanish) 
>doesn't agree with the movement I see in 3.2 and 3.3. This may be a 
>bug in those versions. You didn't say what version your tutorial was 
>for (I assume 3.0).

This is a "bug" in the tutorial, I'll fix it... the squeak I used is 3.2gamma with all the updates... The other 'bug' is that is 'Windoze' oriented, the keys and mouse buttons description are for windows...

>I can't get the fish to rotate at all. You wrote:
>> Tomémonos un tiempo para jugar con nuestro pez, si hacemos click con
>> el botón izquierdo y movemos el mouse sin soltar el botón podemos
>> mover el pez por el espacio 3d, si lo hacemos mientras presionamos
>> SHIFT podemos subir o bajar el pez, con CONTROL podemos rotarlo,
>> con CONTROL+SHIFT lo rotamos más libremente. 

A very quickly translation:
"Let's take some time to play with our fish, if we 'click' with the left button and move the mouse (without releasing the button) we can move the fish in the 3d space, if we press SHIFT we can move up or move down the fish, pressing CONTROL we can rotate it, pressing CONTROL+SHIFT we can rotate it with more freedom".

I tested again and the description sounds 'good' for me...  It could be more accurate like "the fish moves in a plane paralel to the ground" but it's not the idea of the tutorial...

>Ned Konz

Thanks for your feedback!


Diego Gomez Deck

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