Craig Latta craig.latta at
Thu Apr 25 01:10:33 UTC 2002

Hi there--

	I'd like to make a Squeak system which can install and start itself via
a website visitor's web browser, and automatically go into full-screen
mode, all without any user interaction beyond visiting the page.

	Is this currently possible? I'm assuming that it'd involve some sort of
Netscape-Plugin/Java/JavaScript magic on Mac and Unix, and ActiveX magic
on Windows.

	The current Squeakland stuff is close, but it seems to require the
visitor to manually execute a separate installer file. I'm hoping for
something completely seamless. I'm happy to assume that download time
isn't an issue for now, although some sort of progress indicator would
be nice.

	I just thought I'd ask before I delve into various platform-specific
web gizmos...



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