[Squeak32] Aparent Performance problems

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Thu Apr 25 18:21:48 UTC 2002


>On Thursday 25 April 2002 08:46 am, Mike Shields wrote:
>> I still don't know which endianness (big- or little-) to choose...
>> I think it showed up in 3.2, but what is that talking about? Is it
>> possible for the endianness of the video bytes to be different than
>> the cpu? What gives?
>Where do you choose the endianness?
>I think that Diego is talking about the WorldMenu/appearance/set 
>display depth setting, which provides the best speed generally when 
>it is set to the depth of the native hardware.

Yes, I'm talking about this setting...

But in Windows the litte/big endian option is available... anyway I found the "performance problem" when the bits x pixel don't match with the windows setting. I din't find a perceptible diference with little/big endian, anyway I have not accurated measures but only "feelings.".

To Andreas: I think you are the best person to answer!

>Ned Konz


Diego Gomez Deck

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