PLEASE use MIME Atttachments! (was: Re: [FIX] Comments for Set...)

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Fri Apr 26 02:15:13 UTC 2002

	Ok, apart from the technical discussion on different ways to send binary
	blobs through email - current tools in the Squeak community (the fixes
	archiver etc) and the developers themselves (especially harvesters) have
	agreed on using MIME attachments with gzipped changesets.
	Can we just accept that decision? Accepting multiple formats will surely
	create problems of different kinds and we can do without that.
Well, what is someone who _can't_ do that to do?
Just shut up and never make a contribution?

I've explained that I have _tried_ using Celeste and I've _tried_
using 'mail to list', and the messages _do not appear_ in the mailing list.
I've also explained that the mailer I use doesn't do attachments.

For what it's worth, the machine I normally use _does_ have a mailer that
does attachments, BUT for some reason I've never understood mail to other
machines also goes nowhere.

(Hmm.  I suppose I could
 - make my change sets on machine X.
 - ftp them to machine Y.
 - send myself a message on machine Y with the change set as an attachment.
 - read my own message and save it to a file.
 - ftp the file to machine Z.
 - send the message from machine Z.

trying this... b****r, machine X froze, reboot machine X...
3/4 hour later, *curse*! mail sent from Y to myself on Y
never arrived (and I _do_ have 'set metoo' in my .mailrc).

Would it help if I provide a UUdecoder written in Squeak?
(But no, I don't suppose _that_ will be accepted unless it's sent as
an attachment.)

As far as I know, the major problem with uuencoding is not end of
line space trimming (uudecode knows how long the lines are and can
imagine missing blanks perfectly well, at least my uudec program does)
but EBCDIC hosts mangling characters on their way through.
Is that in fact a problem for Squeak list readers?

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