Alan Kay in the News

Steve Elkins sgelkins at
Fri Apr 26 08:40:42 UTC 2002

The local (Raleigh, NC) paper has a weekly tech gossip column and it
had this item in it earlier this week:

A P.S. on last week's column item mentioning David Smith, Virtus
veteran and now chief technologist and chairman at Cary-based
AirEight. The open-source software project he's working on "is and
isn't secret," Smith says. He spilled the fact that he's working with
Alan Kay (an inventor from the legendary Xerox Parc research center in
California who came up with the idea of overlapping windows on desktop
computer screens) and David Reed (software godfather and one-time
Lotus Development chief scientist). The three are putting their heads
together on a new software architecture aimed for release early next

to read the sentence in the earlier column that mentions the open
source project.

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