Squeak-NL IRL?

Maarten Maartensz maartens at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 26 09:46:31 UTC 2002

Hello Cees,

<snip of your Dutch text>

Well, yes -  let's try to move our fellow cloggies towards a litte more
rational thinking, if this is possible. Here are two things I am busy with:
I will teach some people to Squeak in the context of the University of
Amsterdam, and likewise I very probably will give a colloquium on it
somewhere in the autumn, for students of psychology. (This will be under a
title like "psychology and programming", but you may rest assured it will
be mostly about Squeak. The least I hope is to get some students from
getting sick with Java to finding joy with Squeak.)

Also, I can be met personally in Amsterdam, but not outside it, for reasons
explained in Dutch on my website and in the following completely off-topic

(<Begin of off-topic note> Briefly: There is a disease called M.E./C.F.S.
that my ex and I now have more than 22 years. We got it as students, and so
can't profit from the Dutch health insurance schemes. It is a relatively
rare disease without a biological marker. Many cloggies have tried to use
this disease to get health insurance, very probably without having it while
suffering from little else than monetary greed and dishonesty. As you may
see from these brief mild and kind words - and in much more explicit Dutch
detail on my site - I happen to be quite controversial in Holland for these
and other reasons, one of which is that I am the only Dutchman who has been
removed from a Dutch university since 1945 "because of your outspoken
opinions, in spite of your serious disease". To me this happened just
before taking my M.A. philosophy. That's why I have sofar only an M.A.
psychology, which also happens to be the best one can possibly get.
Incidentally: I am willing to discuss virtually anything by e-mail, but NOT
on a Squeak-list, where I try to discuss only Squeak-related things. Also,
those who do wish to disagree with me on matters Dutch, philosophical etc.
are kindly asked to take a look at my - quite large - site before climbing
into their e-mail program to explain me their view of the Dutch or the
world. Incidentally: Outside the context of Dutch politics, Dutch
"education" and philosophy in general, I am known to be a polite, friendly,
peaceful and normally non-controversial psychologist, even though I tend to
disagree with much that has been "typically Dutch" the last decades. This
turned out to be far more dangerous to my own interests than is allowed by
the letter of the Dutch law, that is very good on paper, but often hardly
maintained in practice. Readers of Dutch are referred to e.g. the
Multatuli-pages on my site for more, in the context of excellent Dutch by
another controversial Dutchman. </End of off-topic note>.)



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