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Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Fri Apr 26 14:18:23 UTC 2002

Yep --

... and with Andreas Raab. This is a project called t-Time that is a 
Squeak-based platform for massive peer-peer collaboration in 
arbitrary media (especially 3D). It is coming along well, and will 
probably be released as open sources sometime in late summer or fall 
when it is stable enough.

Unlike current Squeak, which was (and is) a pretty straightforward 
upgrade of Xerox PARC Smalltalk to the 21st century, t-Time has a 
number of mechanisms that have not to my knowledge been implemented 
before, including some very subtle ways to constantly resychronize 
processes that are running on thousands of machines of various types, 
speeds, with various network delays and errors between them.

You all know Andreas Raab. Dave Smith is one of the best known guys 
in personal computer video games, and was the founder of many 
companies including "The Hunt For Red October" with Tom Clancy, and 
"Timeline" with Michael Chrighton. Dave Reed is one of the great 
systems designers, and is popularly known as "the '/' in TCP/IP" 
because he was instrumental in putting those two protocols together 
when the ARPA and PARC folks made the Internet work.



At 4:40 AM -0400 4/26/02, Steve Elkins wrote:
>The local (Raleigh, NC) paper has a weekly tech gossip column and it
>had this item in it earlier this week:
>A P.S. on last week's column item mentioning David Smith, Virtus
>veteran and now chief technologist and chairman at Cary-based
>AirEight. The open-source software project he's working on "is and
>isn't secret," Smith says. He spilled the fact that he's working with
>Alan Kay (an inventor from the legendary Xerox Parc research center in
>California who came up with the idea of overlapping windows on desktop
>computer screens) and David Reed (software godfather and one-time
>Lotus Development chief scientist). The three are putting their heads
>together on a new software architecture aimed for release early next
>to read the sentence in the earlier column that mentions the open
>source project.


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