Concerned about no losing BC

Anthony Hannan ajhannan at
Fri Apr 26 17:05:58 UTC 2002

Sorry for the late reply...

--- ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:
> I'm really concerned to not lose what you made. Clearly now there are the
> modules on the way. But I would really like to know how what you made with
> BC could be introduced in the main stream Squeak.

BC requires a new image format and VM, which requires a MAJOR release since old
images won't work on the new VM and vice versa.  Tim has named this major
release VI4 (Virtual Image 4.0) and will likely include other image format

> Have you a list of what should be changes and the impact?

After an image is converted to the new format everything should work as before.
 Note the conversion does change a lot of things, notably the Process class and
related classes like MethodContext etc, and the Compiler classes and related
classes including references to compiler classes in Etoys.

> Is BC now stable?

I think it is pretty stable, I use it every day.  There are still several
things that need to be done and fixed (see the To-Do list on the "Block Closure
Version" swiki page).  I will address most of these in my next release (BC
version 3) probably a few months from now.  Right now I'm working on a
distributed Squeak architecture that I would also like to see go into VI4.  I
will write something about it soon.


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