How do you define "object-oriented"?

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Sat Apr 27 07:33:18 UTC 2002

Alejandro F. Reimondo <aleReimondo at> said:
>Yes, we can talk on messages but at a high level, because diffusion in
>liquids are fuzzy and messages can not be focused only on anObject and a
>message can be altered while sent (like symbols and memes jumping between
>mind to mind in a society).
It is still communication between entities through some channel, and IIRC what
flows over the channel is called messages. I think you'll be hard-pressed to
find a biologist who doesn't agree that hormones are a form of

(these 'fuzzy' message passing techniques are used, to an extent, in
Linda-like systems. It's a pity that there are no real Linda-like systems

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