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E is very nice, but didn't have any direct influence. Dave Reed's 
ideas go back to the late 70s, etc.




At 9:49 AM +0200 4/27/02, Cees de Groot wrote:
>Alan Kay <Alan.Kay at> said:
>>Unlike current Squeak, which was (and is) a pretty straightforward
>>upgrade of Xerox PARC Smalltalk to the 21st century, t-Time has a
>>number of mechanisms that have not to my knowledge been implemented
>>before, including some very subtle ways to constantly resychronize
>>processes that are running on thousands of machines of various types,
>>speeds, with various network delays and errors between them.
>Might parts of this have been inspired by E? When I had a chance to chat with
>Andreas, he brought this topic up - one of the things on my endless to-do list
>is to see whether ideas from E can be transported to Smalltalk, but if this
>project is doing this, I'll be happy to sit back and wait ;-)
>(E is a language that is built up, from the ground up, on capability-based
>security. It is extremely neat, especially the whole thing around dead-lock
>avoiding promises for distributed programming, low-level things like the
>language being unable to open a communication channel to another E machine
>without doing a D-H handshake and subsequently encrypting it, etcetera. The
>only thing that's not neat about E is that it sits on top of Java and has a
>shitty development environment, so it's time to rob their ideas and transport
>them to Squeak ;-)., recommended if you're into doing
>things with networks)
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