Mac VM 3.2.7B3 source code posted to sourceforge.

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Sat Apr 27 19:43:25 UTC 2002

For mac VM builders you might want to note I've posted the new source 
code and some special change sets to sourceforge.

This now allows you to build a 3.2.7 series mac VM. Please check the 
release notes and the readme since there are some structural changes 
and change sets you need to apply to your images in order to build 
the VM.

Now if I could get someone to try building a VM that would be good. 
Please send me your interp.c file (to me, not the list) so that I can 
confirm all is well with my minimal build instructions.

This VM uses global structures for interp.c and Anthony Hannan 
(ajh18 at CGeneratorEnhancements-ajh change set along with 
a modification to the gunify logic to improve performance by about 
10% or more. So it's a significant gain for non-jitter VM.

I can't speak for intel machines, some of this might only apply to 
powerpc architecture issues.

I'll post a 3.2.7b3 VM in a day or two once it's passed some smoke tests.
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