Proposal for TWO official releases

Lex Spoon lex at
Sat Apr 27 23:40:49 UTC 2002

Maarten Maartensz <maartens at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Summarizing the drift of some recent mails I'd propose the following to
> both and the Squakfoundation:
> - To maintain TWO releases as a standard policy:
>     A. Developers' release 
>     B. Learning & Teaching release
> where (A) is what we have at present, is intended for knowledgeable
> Squeakers, and is short of documentation, and (B)  comes with a LOT of
> documentation written inside Squeak as Active Essays and is explicitly
> targetted at Newbies,

Actually, it seems to me we have more of B.  Check out all the play with
me's.  If we only have one, let it be (B) -- the essays are easy to
delete when desired.


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