Problem with Socket under Linux...

Andreas Raab Andreas.Raab at
Sun Apr 28 01:24:40 UTC 2002


> Well there is always the source code to look at, both the mac and the 
> unix code, two different implementations in fact. Besides even with 
> perhaps incomprehensible documentation it's a step up from lots of 
> the code which has *no* documentation.

No doubt about it. It's just that I could never make any sense out it...

> However I think what would be really interesting here is to change 
> both the smalltalk code and the vm code to use what Craig did in 
> Flow. Pass a method based semaphore down to the primitive call in 
> question. It gets signaled once, or never on a timeout condition. 
> Perhaps this is a cleaner solution.
> But is there any interest in doing it?

Not from my side. The one-semaphore version is working out just fine and
if there's any argument towards changing it, it better be a good one ;-)

> Well let's look at the bsd unix code.
> Mmm I'll admit I'm not a doc writer, so if someone who is a doc 
> writer wants to take the mac and unix code and the docs and create a 
> easy to understand swiki of the magic that is going on. I'll help in 
> the translation.

Thanks, this bit of information is certainly helpful.

  - Andreas

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