straw-man 3.2 default preferences

Henrik Gedenryd h.gedenryd at
Sun Apr 28 07:48:24 UTC 2002

Scott Wallace wrote:

> Hi, Henrik,
> The worst manifestation of the kind of situation you describe was
> present for a few months in the image, between the publishing of
> update 4722fixScrollbarOnRight-sm.cs in early December 2001 and the
> arrival of update 4789scrollBarAgain-dew.cs in March 2002.  Between
> those two updates, there was an inappropriately aggressive
> comeToFront call in the scrollbar-display code that could make
> windows gratuitously leap in front of naked morphs one was
> interacting with.

OK, I trust that it works with the latest updates, I had not gone past 4769.

However, the menu keys also prevent desktop shortcuts from working, like
cmd-w for closing windows and so on. I think this has to do with the new
focus mechanism (as I thought the above did, heh). Clicking on the
background doesn't help.

I have no strong preference concerning leaving it on or off. I think that it
works reasonably well in itself now. I just wanted the bugs to go away...


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