Comanche ChieftainModule default

Nevin Pratt nevin at
Sun Apr 28 19:48:48 UTC 2002

The new 'ChieftainModule' class in the newer Comanche is interesting. 
 Congratulations and thanks to whoever did this.

One comment though.  At the end of the #process: method, where the 
comment reads "otherwise, the default response", it just returns nil. 
 In other words, "do nothing" is the default.  I suggest we allow a 
default that is a bit more meaningful than this.  I suggest we be able 
to install any Comanche module and use it as the default, and only 
return nil as the default when there hasn't been a specific Comanche 
module installed as the default handler.

So, we add a 'default' instance variable, give it a setter method, and 
send the request to the default (if it exists) instead of answering nil.

But otherwise, I think the ChieftainModule is nice, clean, 
straight-forward, and (of course) simple.


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