Nevin Pratt nevin at smalltalkpro.com
Sun Apr 28 20:02:20 UTC 2002

Dan Ingalls wrote:

>Folks -
>My apologies for letting this drag on.  I thought some reasonable support might be forthcoming from the ISP, but their attitude and responsiveness have been somewhere between reptilian and criminal.  We're now on a fast track to move the domain to a different site.
>Thanks for your patience.
>	- Dan

Just as a data point: Earthlink gave us a "free" web site included with 
our $44.95/month broadband connection.  My wife used to use it for 
hosting pictures for her ebay auctions, and ran into the same problem 
that squeak.org ran into (running out of her allotted bandwidth before 
the end of the month, at which point Earthlink would shut the "free" 
site down until the first of the month when the bandwidth records would 

The only solution Earthlink offered, even when I waived more money at 
them, was to sell me a completely different "pay" site.  I couldn't just 
upgrade my "free" site for an additional fee.  So, in effect, our only 
solution was also to just move to a different site, just as it appears 
Dan is doing now for squeak.org.

In other words, I'm not surprised, Dan.  :-)


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