Are the translations used? (Re: [ENH] In Dutch)

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at
Mon Apr 29 08:43:55 UTC 2002

At 11:59 AM +0200 4/16/02, Cees de Groot wrote:
>...(it would be extremely nice if translations could be made part of the base
>distributions, if only because of the better chance that people will use them
>and fix all the inconsistenties that automatically crop up when code moves on,
>but the translation tables stay at the same place).

Update 4849eToyTranslations is now (finalliy!) in the internal 3.3a 
and 3.2g streams -- this adds etoy translations into Swedish, Dutch, 
Norwegian, and Spanish, thanks, respectively, to Göran Hultgren, Cees 
de Groot, Karl Ramberg, and Diego Gomez Deck & German Morales.

So the next time Dan externalizes updates, the etoy vocabulary will 
be available in no fewer than *seven* languages, from four continents.

As Cees and others have pointed out, the translation tables have 
stayed still for a while, while various extra selectors and 
categories have been added.  As a result, every language has a few 
gaps in the translations; untranslated items will show up in English.

We don't yet have a formal mechanism for issuing lightweight deltas 
to patch up missing or erroneous translations in a translation table, 
but it shouldn't be hard for someone to add one once demand for one 
arises, which it surely will once these translations go public.

Many thanks to Göran, Cees, Karl, Diego, and German.

   -- Scott

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