PLEASE use MIME Atttachments! (was: Re: [FIX] Comments for Set...)

Ned Konz ned at
Mon Apr 29 13:56:47 UTC 2002

On Sunday 28 April 2002 04:59 pm, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
> Yes, I tried that, and as I said, IT DIDN'T WORK.
> Now I am reasonably used to
>  - Squeak not working (but it does tend to leave behind helpful
> logs) - mail systems not working (but I invariably get *some* kind
> of response from the mail daemon to tell me something went wrong).
> "mail to list" failed to work and did not say why.

The dialog with the mail server is sent to the Transcript, as I 

> Looking at the code, I see that "mail to list" sends the message
> to "squeak at".  I note that the originating address for
> messages in this list used to be
>     squeak-request at
> and is now
>     squeak-dev-admin at
> Could it be that "squeak at" is no longer a valid address?

The list address was fixed in CS 4310

Ned Konz

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