[FIX] SmallIRCTweaks

Bijan Parsia bparsia at email.unc.edu
Mon Apr 29 17:58:27 UTC 2002

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Lex Spoon wrote:

> bparsia at email.unc.edu wrote:
> > 	2) Pulled Stephan's world menu changes and just made the 'irc client'
> > item open the enhanced client. A preference could be added if anyone
> > really wants it."!
> No!  I see no reason to persist with the in-image IRC client.  Am I
> missing anything?  Let's burn the old code, and sally forth!  :)

The burning day will come, and it will be glorious.

Right now, the enhanced client subclasses the old client which is burning
my butt in 3.3 :)

So a merge is in the near future I hope ;)

Bijan Parsia.

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