Vote now! (was Re: straw-man 3.2 default preferences)

Göran Hultgren goran.hultgren at
Mon Apr 29 18:52:29 UTC 2002

Hi all!

Quoting Martin Drautzburg <martin.drautzburg at>:
> goran.hultgren at writes:
> > Unfortunately this is because of cheating! :-0
> > When I reported it said 17-8 (or something like that) then someone
> > surfed over there and clicked a few times making it 25-25.
> You will always get "cheats". It is because a curious guy will come
> along and wonder: "did this guy check for duplicate votes ?". Lets see
> ... oops no he does not. And there you have a duplicate vote.

Yes, I know. And I expected it to happen. I just wanted to alert you about the
fact that this vote (since I haven't fixed it yet) can not be trusted.

Using cookies or ip-tracking (which doesn't work) feels so bad too...

regards, Göran

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