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Tue Apr 30 06:22:52 UTC 2002

Stephan B. Wessels <swessels at> said:
>Does the fact that the plugin exists on the web make these boundaries
Well, formally you would maybe need to make sure that no-one from one
of the US government's lists would be able to download the plugin. 

Strictly speaking, by allowing unlimited distribution, all sites offering
Squeak are in breach of the Squeak License (ok, IANAL and this depends on
the current legal meaning of the word "export" applicable to websites -
is the site owner performing the act of "export" by making the software
available without restrictions, is it the visitor who does the "export",
or are they cooperating in accomplishing the "export"? - but it shows
that the SqueakL is at best problematic here). I don't think that Apple
will sue UIUC, GAtech or VRI for allowing Squeak to roam freely across
national borders, but if the term "export" applies to the provider of
the website, they probably have their license rights terminated at the
moment (clause 2, last sentence).

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