Gary Fisher gafisher at sprynet.com
Tue Apr 30 11:02:59 UTC 2002

I don't know whether it's slow response on the part of the "service-free
ISP" or slow DNS propagation, but as of right now Squeak.org still comes up
with the "bandwidth exceeded" page via Earthlink.  It's not my local cache,
and Earthlink is usually very good with updates, but I'll try some of my
other ISPs if the problem persists.


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> >Ted Kaehler wrote:
> >>Folks,
> >>    Squeak.org is back up!
> >>    Michael Rueger, Dan, and I have removed the source of the problem.
No more frustrating times with Global Internet Solutions. This time it is
totally under our control.
> and Nevin Pratt <nevin at smalltalkpro.com> replied...
> >I might add that if the IP address of 'squeak.org' has changed (which is
likely since it looks like you ditched the old ISP), it might take a few
days for the various DNS caches on the various machines around the world to
get the updated IP.
> >
> >So, for some people, it still might not be up :-)
> It should be up for everyone because step 1 was just to deal with the
service-free ISP and upgrade the service so as to restore access.  And this
I have done.
> However, we are also in process on the other fork of the solution, as it
involves a couple of further steps (my registrant info is all out of date,
so I can't monkey with my  registration until I get things straightened out
through various non-on-line mechanisms).
> But the plan is still to take things into our own hands, and this should
be able to happen within a week.  Isn't it funny to have a language that you
can change faster than your web site service parameters?  ;-)
> I want to thank everyone for the wonderful show of support we've received
in this brief trauma.  We may well come back to one of you for long-term
hosting of Squaek.org after the dust settles.
> And thanks, all, for your patience, too
> - Dan

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