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Jesse Welton jwelton at
Tue Apr 30 13:49:56 UTC 2002

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Richard A. O'Keefe wrote:
> > So when I saw a great big button labelled "send message", I not
> > unreasonably expected it to SEND THE MESSAGE. This was the lie.  That
> > button does NOT mean "send the message", it means "add the message to
> > the .tosend category".
> > [...]
> > Apparently Celeste users are happy with the way it works. 
> Indeed, this is what Celeste users expect. What happened was that you were
> classified as "Celeste user" because you had, as you admitted, tried to
> use Celeste before.
> If you had *never* before used Celeste, then "send message" would have 
> sent the message out immediately. I just checked, it works.

The same UI widget labeled the same way can do either of two very
different things depending on something that may have happened in the
distant past?  Yuck!

> > I propose the following change to Celeste.  For all I know, it may already
> > have been made in Squeak 3.2, but if not, I hope someone will do it.
> > 
> > A "Mister Postman" window has two big buttons at the top,
> > "send message" and "add attachment".  Change this to three:
> > "send message later", "send message now", and "add attachment".
> > "send message now" should open up an SMPT socket and send the
> > message right away.
> I second that, or a similar arrangement. Maybe the "send" button could
> just be labeled depending upon what it actually will do, that is, if you
> are classified as Celeste user or not. For example, "move to .tosend"  
> vs. "send now".

That would probably be an easier fix, but I'd prefer the extra button.
(For non-Celeste users, I suppose the queue button might not appear.)


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