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Tue Apr 30 15:34:44 UTC 2002

Mark S. Miller <markm at> said:
>Hi all, I'm Mark Miller, and I run an open source project over at 
> .
Hi Mark, glad you're here. Contemplating a port of E to Squeak? ;-) I like E,
but it runs on a funny platform at the moment...

>Note that this logic places much higher value on drawing a clear line and 
>sticking with it than it does on getting the line right. 
Thanks for pointing this out so clearly.

>In any case, I've read section 6 of SqueakL and don't understand the problem 
>with it.
>From some off-list mail I wrote on the topic:

- Clause 6, export law assurances. This is explicitely mentioned in paragraph
5. of the OSD, together with a proposal of what is acceptable (and actually
shows up in most OSD-compliant licenses).

But rather let's discuss E on Squeak here...

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