PLEASE use MIME Atttachments! (was: Re: [FIX] Comments for Set...)

Martin McClure martin at
Tue Apr 30 16:11:02 UTC 2002

At 9:45 AM +0200 4/30/02, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>  > A "Mister Postman" window has two big buttons at the top,
>>  "send message" and "add attachment".  Change this to three:
>>  "send message later", "send message now", and "add attachment".
>>  "send message now" should open up an SMPT socket and send the
>>  message right away.
>I second that, or a similar arrangement. Maybe the "send" button could
>just be labeled depending upon what it actually will do, that is, if you
>are classified as Celeste user or not. For example, "move to .tosend"
>vs. "send now".

Eudora's designers made a similar choice. The button is labeled 
either "Send" or "Queue" depending on how you have your preferences 
set. I tend to think that's a reasonable design.


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