[ANN] StarBrowser v4 on SqueakMap

Alain Fischer mailinglist.fischer at bluewin.ch
Sun Dec 8 20:50:22 UTC 2002

Le Dimanche 8 décembre 2002, à 09:24 , Ned Konz a écrit :

> On Sunday 08 December 2002 12:11 pm, Alain Fischer wrote:
>> Tanks for these improvment of StarBrowser.
> You're welcome!
>> I was able to edit XML data but not HTML, how it work ?
> It works just like XML (which is to say incompletely: you can't add or
> remove nodes). This is because it's the same code.
> Did you load the HTMLParser package first?

No, I will do this.

>> One thing I have found hard to understand is that some menu are
>> accessed through
>> the red halo menu and other are accessed through the contextual
>> menu. Why not having only the contextual menu ?
> What are you accessing via the red halo menu? I never use it with the
> StarBrowser. Is there something there that's needed in normal
> operation?

I have in the red halo menu:

configure Services
edit expressions
remember window size
reset history
add recent classes
add recent method submissions
add Change Sets
add Book
add Text
add DVS packages
add SqueakMap packages
load SM updates
load XML file
open editing
edit label ...

On the contextual menu on Root:

intersection with...
union with ...
difference with...
rename ...
add list ...
add expression ...
sender of ...
implementors of ...
sender in classification of ...
implementors in classification of ...
class category browser ...

Also sometime, I have seen a DNU for #ifEmpty:
I have replaced these with isEmpty ifTrue:

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