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Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com
Wed Mar 6 21:37:42 UTC 2002

Great project.... Congratulations and don't hesitate to contact me (in 
Spanish :)


Diego Gomez Deck

>Greetings and Salutations,
>I am writing you from Rosario city, Argentina (you may have heard of us in 
>CNN - yes, the country that had 5 presidents in 15 days). As cracy as it 
>may sound, "we" - a group of professors and graduate students from - so 
>far - two different Universities have gotten together to create a research 
>And thus, since last week, SqueakRos is born: A Smalltalk/Squeak research 
>initiative, made of people who have the Object Oriented Paradigm in the heart.
>We may not have the best hardware, we maybe "international parias" (have 
>you tried buying a book in amazon.com when your currency is at a 2 to 1 
>ratio to the US dollar? - and all your money is trapped inside the banks), 
>but we have good intentions and the desire of betterment.
>Though because of the current situation of our country we are having some 
>difficulties in getting official support from our Faculties - the 
>Universidad Abierta InterAmericana,  Facultad de Tecnología Informática, 
>and the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, sede Regional Rosario - we hope 
>that for the next year (and more!) we will be researching Squeak and its 
>basts posibilities, aiming to developt an easy to use and at hand spanish 
>As time goes on, we aspire to get inside Squeak and maybe even contribute 
>in some way to its international comunity - whithin our own humble 
>On a personal note, I'd like to thank you all for making Squeak "free for 
>everybody to use". Education is the best social "equalizer", and in times 
>like this, in our country, education is all we have left. And the dream 
>that one day our effords will lead to a better dignifying life. I believe 
>Squeak is a great tool for archieving that.
>In previous ocassions I've written to this list with "personal questions". 
>In the future I may be adressing you as a member of SqueakRos, with the 
>group's questions and news.
>I do know you all are very busy people so I'll be finishing up.
>Once again, I thank you and wish you to keep on with your good work.
>Martín Altobello
>SqueakRos initiative

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