[VMMAKER] VM configuration incorrect with GCC 3.0.3!

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Fri Mar 8 05:03:15 UTC 2002

On Thursday 07 March 2002 08:26 pm, John M McIntosh wrote:

> And if you do -mcpu=586 (is that correct?) -funroll-loops

I found the best to be:
-O3 -fno-gcse -funroll-loops

The -mcpu=pentiumpro didn't seem to help any. Though that may already have 
been the default, since I used a "i686" build of GCC.

> Still think your warranty is void by using gcc 3.0.3... Mind I read
> somewhere today that someones SPEC benchmarks went up 20% when they
> went to gcc 3.0. or was that just a rumor.

I think my warranty was already void because I fiddled with the knobs on the 
back of the set.

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