[Modules][ENH] Modules aware browser

Arjen van Elteren arjenve at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 18 17:36:34 UTC 2002


Yeah, the moduletool looks great. 

It's also a little different from this module.
* For one it seems to be much more mature than my
module ;-).
* Second I'm focussing on adding classes to modules
browsing delta modules (somewhat like the Store
browser of VW). Not so much on module distribution and
packaging which seems to be the strong point of the

I hope we can combine our efforts, so that modules
become more user friendly... (more users, more bugs
found etc. etc.)


I had no problem installing it into a clean current
(4798) image using:

ModuleInstaller fullyInstallFromPath: #(People AvE).
ModuleBrowser openBrowser.

I unpacked the zip fill under the RepositoryCache dir
resulting in:

I've set my preferences to not use any code from the
server (search modules under preferences and deselect

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