Using CCodeGenerator for something beyond Plugins

David Pennell dpennell at
Wed Mar 20 14:13:10 UTC 2002

Well, sort of...

I ported CCodeGenerator to VW 5i.4 and made the following changes:
- pass self as the first argument
- instance variables are structure members
- integrated type definitions with the VW DLL/CC type classes
- used VW pragmas to specify types

I got carried away and ripped out much of the Squeak specific code
since I didn't need it and it was in my way.  Its at the stage where
it will generate proper code, but the inliner is broken.  I haven't 
looked at it in two or three months.


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> Subject: Using CCodeGenerator for something beyond Plugins
> I'm interested in using the Slang support 
> (CCodeGenerator/TParseNode and 
> friends) for emitting C for embedded systems.
> However, the existing classes won't work for more general 
> cases, where there 
> may be more than one object of a particular class. The 
> Plugins convert 
> instance variables into globals and throw away self.
> I was wondering whether anyone has come up with versions of 
> these that differ 
> from the Plugin versions as follows:
> * instance variables become structure members rather than globals
> * don't throw away self; instead pass as initial pointer argument
> Later, I'll want to do versions of these that generate 
> assembly language or 
> microcontroller byte code.
> Oh yes, and I'm generating the Smalltalk with the scripting 
> system. It 
> promises to be an interesting system: draw state diagrams, 
> drag tiles into 
> scripts, then hit the "generate C" button...
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> Ned Konz
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