Squeak as a toy for developer's of Squeak -- not a developer's tool

ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Mar 30 20:38:25 UTC 2002

Hi Serg

I'm the first one to complain about Squeak ;), believe me. But the point is
that nobody gets paid to program and improve Squeak. So I think that or you
look at other people pushing the system or you participate in. And there are
a lot of possibilities, not only at the programming level. In the
SqueakFoundation we will be looking for people for a number of tasks.

I do a lot of presentations of Squeak. I always mention that Squeak could be
better and that this is the terrible kid of the Smalltalk family. If people
open Squeak, may be they will also open other Smalltalks.

Then you can also participate to promote Smalltalk in general. I'm pushing
ESUG www.esug.org we are defining program to support poor universities.

So you see you are right, then do something to help the community. The most
important is to have fun. People see it ;)


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