Would the real Unix VM sources please stand up?

Bruce ONeel beoneel at bluewin.ch
Wed May 1 13:52:07 UTC 2002


I think it would be very important to have Ian on board if
his Unix Vm is not going to be the primary one since he
did the origional port.  It also would be good if the
SF VM came as a tar file and easily built on
many systems, not just linux.

Beyond that I don't have a strong feeling.   The nicest
possible solution would be for the two efforts to marry :-) 



Tim Rowledge <tim at sumeru.stanford.edu> wrote:
> > > Therefore, I think the Squeak homepage needs to be updated to point to
> > > SF for the official Unix VM. *After* the SF project has made a release
> > > available for download so people don't need to use CVS to get to an SF
> > > based VM ;-)
> My original expectation was/is that at Some Suitable Juncture(tm) the SF
> code would be used to generate sets of sources that can be pickled in
> whatever manner suits various platforms. These would the be placed in
> Some Suitable Place(tm) along with pre-built vms for as many platforms
> as can be practicably provided.
> Since we're still trying to get something approaching final agreement on
> what files should be where, how they should be spelt, what colour they
> should be and how to dress them, we're a bit away from doing all this.
> Patience is called for, after all VMMaker has only been around for 18
> months.
> tim
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