is Missing multiple inheritance in sqeak a drawback ?

Hans Beck HNBeck at
Fri Oct 11 18:32:16 UTC 2002


I'm using squeak for prototyping our LCD measurement system software. 
 From time to time, some colleagues look at my display and are 
astonished ;-)) But they are c++ freaks, and if we discuss about the 
usability  of squeak for prototyping, always there comes the argument of 
lacking multiple inheritance.

So because I'm not a theoretican for computer languages but  I suppose 
there are a lot very good guys on this list, I would ask the community, 
how far multiple inheritance is really needed, or is it bad or what ever 
? (Looking from a more or less theoretical viewpoint of object oriented 
concepts ) ?

Thanks for help finding arguments :-))



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