Zip-based Squeak distributions -- ideas needed

Ned Konz ned at
Mon Oct 21 19:41:05 UTC 2002

I was just playing around with making a zip-based Squeak distribution 
format that could be used for multi-CS packages.

The enclosed change sets are able to store a (somewhat) 
self-installing archive to a zip file.

Actually, all they do right now is to execute the 'install/preamble' 
and 'install/postscript' members.

What I need help with is this:

I'd like (I think) to allow the preamble to (for instance) prompt for 
installation choices, etc. so that different CSs might be installed.

Likewise, the postscript may want to install other things.

For backwards compatibility, the entire logic has to live in the 
self-extracting stub at the front of the zip.

The problem is that the preamble and postscript code won't know what 
zip file is being installed, so they can't do anything intelligent.

I'd like either the zip stream, or the zip itself (better) to be 
available to this code, but that's hard to do, because there is no 
context for the compilation of the various chunks.

I'd thought about using a global (the easy way out), but that wasn't 
too appealing.

Another problem is that the self-extracting stub methods are logged 
and added to the current CS. I'd like the (re-re-re-) definition of 
the methods in the stub not to be logged.

Ned Konz
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