The Future of Dynapad (survey!)

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at
Thu Oct 24 02:15:27 UTC 2002


I've been doing much thinking about where I would like to take Dynapad in
the coming months and years.

So far, things have been pretty variable.  APIs coming and going, image
version changing.  I'd like to get opinions from all interested in sharing
it about what they would like from a Squeak-based PDA environment.

For those who don't know what Dynapad is, see

Below my sig is a survey I would any current and potential users of
Dynapad to complete, along with anyone who is simply interested in the the
direction a Squeak-based PDA system will take as it matures.  Email me
with your responses of the numbered questions below. Please email your
answers to me directly, not the list.

It's kind of a long and wordy survey. If you would rather only answer a
few of the questions, *any* input would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot to everyone's comments in advance!


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Dynapad Survey
Q1. Do you use Dynapad now?  Are you condiering using it in the future?
If so, in what capacity?

Dynapad is currently based on the 2.8 image.  This was done for the sake
of performance- trimmed down 3.0 and 3.2 images felt qualitatively slower,
more sluggish, than 2.8 images on iPAQ-class hardware.  However, some
people believe that 3.2's performance is adequate.

There are benefits to using a 3.2-based image, including more
compatability with the most current going-ons of the Squeak world.

Q2. Would you prefer that Dynapad moved to a Squeak 3.2-based image, or
stick with the 2.8-based image?

There has been talk of changing the name of the project. Pick the name you
prefer from the list below, or answer with whatever other ideas you may

* MethodPad
* Dynapad
* SPE (Squeak PDA Environment)


While being everything to everyone is impossible, Dynapad strives to be an
operating environment that is very useful for the widest array of users,
through being user friendly, developer friendly, and very customizable.

What would you like out of a PDA? Describe, in as much detail as possible,
the perfect PDA. What do current and past PDA systems do well today?
(Newton OS, GEOS, Magic Cap, Palm OS, PocketPC, EPOC32)


Q5. What do you dislike about current PDA offerings?

Q6. Do you use a PDA now? If so, what is the model? (the more specific,
the better) What OS do you run on it? (if not what it comes with out of
the box)

Q7. Other than being very unfinished, what are your chief complaints of
Dynapad and its vision?

What are the applications you would really like to see for Dynapad in the
future.  This is excepting the applications currently done or being
actively worked on, including: PIM apps (both traditional, as well as a
more free-form and hyperlinked system), Web browser (scamper), Email
client (Celeste), simple calulator, irc client, and graph plotter.

Ideas include: a web service data extractor (like Watson or Sherlock 3),
word processor, spreadsheet, or HyperCard-like StackMorph creator.

Q8. Ordered by most important down, what are the apps you would like to
see running on Dynapad?

Q9. Should MinneStore or Magma be the preferred data storage system?

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