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Thu Oct 3 15:12:31 UTC 2002

>I have a old power mac 8500 at 150 mz. I have run both of the 
>mentioned products to test them on similar systems and speed is a big issue.
>I guess I will save the 150 dollars for my next computer buy. 
>There are also another other simulator called MacBochs based om Bochs pc simulator
>but is' very slow. 

I got Connectix VirtualPC for my 500 MHz PowerBook G4. It does work, but I'm
disappointed by the performance. Even an old 166 MHz PC laptop that I had
lying around was much faster than Virtual PC. It's too bad, because I really didn't
want to lug both a Mac and PC around, but I ended up doing just that because
the performance of VirtualPC was so frustrating.

Usually software isn't returnable, but if possible I'd recommend trying VirtualPC
before spending $150 to $200 on it.

	-- John

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