Win Squeak needs to know about waking up! (Re: Laptop suspending and network drives)

Michael Roberts squeak-dev at
Thu Oct 3 18:41:00 UTC 2002

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 08:46:14AM -0700, Ned Konz wrote:
> Perhaps something like this:
> newName := 'c:\temp\squeak'.
> Smalltalk
> 	saveChangesInFileNamed: (Smalltalk fullNameForChangesNamed: newName);
> 	saveImageInFileNamed: (Smalltalk fullNameForImageNamed: newName);
> 	snapshot: false andQuit: true.


I have been testing this code and I have a questions and observations.

1) I tried to recreate the problem with a win xp pro pc running an image served from a win2k server.  After performing a suspend cycle, the drives came back fine.  I didn't try harder to get this not to work following this simple test.  I don't know whether the xp code is better at power management regarding drives/files etc.

2) More importantly, the files saved ignore the drive and directory specified in the string

Smalltalk fullNameForChangesNamed: 'c:\temp\squeak-test' 

looking at the first line of that method
newName _ FileDirectory baseNameFor: aName asFileName.

aName asFileName
gets evaluated first.

digging deeper

FileDirectory class>>checkName: self fixErrors: true
FileDirectory class>>localNameFor:

This last method strips the path off.  

Therefore, I was wondering if SystemDictionary>>fullNameForChangesNamed was intended to allow the path through or whether this is a bug?  Is String>>asFileName intended to strip the path off?  Apologies if I have I missed something obvious!

This is on Squeak3.2 #4956.



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