[BUG] showBoundsInHalo revisited

Brian Keefer squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org
Wed Oct 16 04:34:39 UTC 2002

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This doesn't do anything about the disappearance of the halo's help
balloons, or the massive CPU burn, but it does make the dismiss and paint
halos work.
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'From Squeak3.2 of 15 January 2002 [latest update: #4956] on 16 October 2002 at 12:16:56 am'!

!HaloMorph methodsFor: 'handles' stamp: 'bmk 10/15/2002 23:59'!
addDismissHandle: handleSpec
	"Add the dismiss handle according to the spec, unless selectiveHalos is on and my target resists dismissal"

	| dismissHandle |
	(target okayToAddDismissHandle or: [Preferences selectiveHalos not]) ifTrue:
		[dismissHandle _ self addHandle: handleSpec
			on: #mouseDown send: #mouseDownInDimissHandle:with: to: self.
		dismissHandle on: #mouseUp send: #maybeDismiss:with: to: self.
		dismissHandle on: #mouseDown send: #mouseDownInCollapseHandle:with: to: self.
		dismissHandle on: #mouseMove send: #setDismissColor:with: to: self]
! !

!HaloMorph methodsFor: 'handles' stamp: 'bmk 10/16/2002 00:16'!
addRecolorHandle: haloSpec
	"Add a recolor handle to the receiver, if appropriate"

	| recolorHandle |

	"since this halo now opens a more general properties panel, allow it in all cases"
	"innerTarget canSetColor ifTrue:"

	recolorHandle _ self addHandle: haloSpec on: #mouseUp send: #doRecolor:with: to: self.

	"HACK. With showBounds on, a mouseDown handler is needed for the mouseUp to work"
	recolorHandle on: #mouseDown send:#mouseDownInDimissHandle:with: to: self

! !


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