[OT] Inquiring Minds want to know WAS: Re: Envy or Store or what?

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Tue Oct 29 11:47:31 UTC 2002

Hi all!

Patrik Nordebo <patrik at nordebo.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 28, 2002 at 10:51:46PM +0100, Göran Hultgren wrote:
> > Quoting David Farber <dfarber at numenor.com>:
> > > Göran - Why do you always end your postscripts with 'DS'?
> > > 
> > > david
> > 
> > A good question David! I have no idea! :-)
> > 
> > When you asked I tried to find on the net why that is customary (at
> > least in Swedish) but I didn't find anything. Isn't that "customary"
> > in English? Hmmm. I will try to find out.
> I have been taught that it's for "den samme" ("the same [person]"),
> meaning the postscript is written by the same person as the rest of
> the letter, which suggests it's a Swedish thing, although it could
> originally be from Latin or French or German for all I know.

Ah, yes, sounds familiar. But I wonder what PSS/DSS mean then (when you
add an extra PS after the first)?! :-)

regards, Göran

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