What is supposed to be the effect of DisplayScreen class>depth:width:height:fullscreen: ?

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 1 00:27:46 UTC 2003

"Andreas Raab" <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> The primitive you're talking about has basically two purposes. It depends on
> whether the fullscreen flag is true or false.
> Clearly enough defined?! ;-)
if the current situation is 16 bpp NOT fullscreen and the primitive args
are, say, "8, 800, 600, true" I imagine the intention would be to change
to fullscreen and try to reset the screen size and bpp? And conversely
if the current situation is fullscreen and the relevant argument is
false, one should exit fullscreen as well as trying to change the window
size. In other words, is the intent of the fullscreen flag to _alter_ the
fullscreen status or merely to _reflect_ a status previously set via
ioSetFullScreen()? What about the bpp in this case? And should the
screen resolution be returned to what it was previously - and how far
ought one 'stack' the values of 'previous'?

Assuming I have a machine that can manage it, what should the result of
starting from
16bpp, 1024 at 768, fullscreen OFF  (say screen is 1280 at 1024)
applying 16,1200, 1000, OFF {guess - change window size}
applying 32, 1024, 768, ON ?  {guess - go fullscreen, change screen
applying 32, 1024, 768, OFF {guess - ignore depth change}

How about first applying 16, 1024,768, ON and then 16,1024,768, OFF?
{guess - I'd want it to return to original screen resolution and window

Or 16,1024,768,ON then 32,800,600,ON and 16,640,320,OFF? Which screen
resolution would one return to? 1024 at 768 or the 'original' 1280 at 1024? Or
stay at 800 at 600 and 32bpp?
It can be a real pain to try to define these things properly but it's
even more of a pain to try to implement the prim without a good defn of
the intent! Not to mention that some prims are expected to return
true/false to say if they failed and others are expected to use

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