Squeak has spoiled me!

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Tue Apr 1 08:12:25 UTC 2003

Hi Jimmie and all!

Jimmie Houchin <jhouchin at texoma.net> wrote:
> I find it challenging to look at or try other languages without asking 
> myself, "why am I here?".
> I am thoroughly spoiled by simplicity of Smalltalk, the living 
> environment of Squeak. I just can't go back.

Exactly and I think this is how the majority of us
Smalltalkers/Squeakers feel.

I have quite a few languages under my belt but nothing comes close to
Forth/Scheme/Lisp are languages with a similar feeling of "Power through
simplicity" but in the end of the day it is in Smalltalk that I really
feel productive.

For a few years I tended to get interested by Python, Ruby etc and
really "tried" to look at them with open eyes. Sure, they look
impressive with their large communities and sometimes much more orderly
documentation but in the end I always realize that - for me - Smalltalk
and Squeak is so much better.

And Java just makes me sick. And yes, I have worked several years with
Java.:-) Of course, I do envy all their nice libraries and tools - they
really do crank out tons and tons of good stuff but I always get the
feeling that people really into Java don't appreciate the "Power of
Simplicity". They are much more into building
mega-complex-architecture-enterprise-solutions... It amazes me how they
(yes, generalizing grossly here) don't stop for a second and reflect on
the sheer complexity of their solutions.

regards, Göran

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