PluggableMultiColumnListMorph How To

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Tue Apr 1 13:09:56 UTC 2003

Thanks, I will see.


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I believe that examples of this family of multi-column morphs can be
found in Celeste and in the Enhanced IRC Client.  The
PluggableMultiColumnListMorphByItemWithHeader is used by the enhanced
IRC client.  Check it out on SqueakMap.  Also, when the multi-column
stuff was created the first "client" to use it, that I remember, was
Celeste, and then the other variants became used/created to support the
enhanced IRC client.

I haven't looked at that code in ages.  It would not be a surprise to
find that it may be a good candidate for some general refactoring.

  - Steve

On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 03:55 AM, Germán S. Arduino wrote:

> Thanks Ned.
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>> On Monday 31 March 2003 06:58 am, Donald Major wrote:
>>> BUT, it is important that all the values in the column data lists
>>> be Strings.
>> Of course, it would be a simple matter to put an "asString" into
>> PluggableMultiColumnListMorph>>createMorphicListsFrom:
>> ifFalse: [StringMorph contents: item asString font: font]])
>> and make it simpler for lazy programmers.
>> --
>> Ned Konz
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